Aviation Medicine Services

Clinical Consultation

Apart from CASA Medical Licensing, we have a wealth of experience in the management of aeromedical dispositions of aircrew with chronic or complex conditions. Our principal therapeutic goal is to restore the aviator back to safe and effective operational status.

Aviation Physiology Training

Aviation Physiology Training raises the physiological awareness of aviators and enhances flight safety and responses to related in-flight emergencies. DDCOAM can support curriculum development and delivery of training through didactic or electronic learning platforms. We are also able to consult on high-end training modalities such as Night Vision Trainers, Human Centrifuge G-trainers, Spatial Disorientation Trainers and Hypobaric Hypoxia Chamber Trainers.

Organisational Aviation Medicine

We are able to consult on all aspects of Aviation Medicine for your organisation in domains such as strategic, policy and work process reviews, as well as systems procurement and capability development.

Human Factors

We can support human systems integration projects for organisational clientele in matters such as crew performance, effectiveness, safety, ergonomics and team dynamics.